Plush Time Wins

Join us on our arcade adventures as we set out to win big jackpots, huge prizes, and just have an all around fun time! Everyone could use a little extra fun.

Plush Time Vlogs

Catch a more personal side of us on our vlog channel. We post a variety of videos here; everything from our travels to our daily habits in our household.

Cute Cuddly Cris

Do you love watching Crystal? If so, here is the channel for you, Cute Cuddle Cris. On Crystal’s channel you can expect to see shopping, crafts, and cooking! She loves to shop, and it definitely shows on her channel!

Plush Time Streams

We go live fairly often so we made a channel that features all of our recorded live streams. We do many different activities when we stream live but some of the best are “Claw Machine Saturday” and speed guesting!